Enabling Collaboration

Achieving Success Through Strategic Alliances and Partnerships

By Martin Echavarria

In this cutting-edge work and first-ever “how-to” guide for building successful collaborations, Martin Echavarria, a business collaboration expert, sets out to improve the success rates of strategic alliances and partnerships to become more competitive, more nimble, and more innovative.

To do this, he introduces us to a framework that combines a collaborative leadership methodology with a breakthrough alliance development process applied to any industry or size of partnering organizations. Applying his unique approach, collaboration emerges as teams work to develop business alliances. In turn, they become resilient to change and able to capitalize on innovative co-created opportunities.

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About The Author

Martin Echavarria

Martin Echavarria has focused his professional career on collaboration, the nexus where individuals and small groups come together to work productively. From building strategic alliances and partnerships across industries, culture, and geographies, to coaching executives and their teams to collaborate effectively, Martin has successfully combined alliance development know-how with collaborative-leadership methodologies. 

He has over 15 years’ experience of enabling strategic collaborations between global companies. He earned a Master’s Degree in International Management from Thunderbird School of Global Management, a Bachelor’s Degree in Business and Political Science from Emory University, and studied strategic alliances at the Wharton School, Integral Coaching at New Ventures West and Leadership for Collective Intelligence at Dialogos. 

He has dedicated himself to the identification and creation of alliances through his consulting company, Coherence (www.coherence360.com) and has also built a successful executive leadership coaching career. Committed to collaboration, Martin has worked in alliance development and coaching with Verizon, Hewlett-Packard, American Express, MasterCard, Scotiabank, PriceSmart, Digicel, Orange Telecom, Bunge, Tam Airlines, Continental Airlines and many others.

and receive 20 More Pages
of Practices & Tools!

About the Book

Today everyone talks about collaboration. It’s the buzzword of the 21st century.

From collaboration in the boardroom to the conference room, across industries, geographies and culture, it is indeed the leadership capability needed to build business alliances and partnerships and tackle the world’s toughest challenges. From product design to the sourcing of raw materials, and across-channel relationships, partnerships and alliances are interwoven throughout all supply and demand elements of corporate value creation.

Even not-for-profits, NGOs and Public Entities seek alliances and partnerships to meet the needs of an increasingly interdependent and interconnected humanity.


The Testimonials

Barbara Singer Cheng, CEO Executive Core

I don’t think there is a single top management team that we serve globally that isn’t talking about collaboration internally, with suppliers, and other strategic allies. For those of us who witnessed historic strategic alliances that fail to produce value, Enabling Collaboration is a refreshing look at the key components that must be managed for success. It’s one of the best guides to both collaboration and strategic alliances that I’ve found for consultants, facilitators, and executive coaches who work with leaders. Business schools who teach strategic alliances will find this book a useful text. Anyone who wants more collaborative partnerships or needs to work closely with strategic partners should have a copy of this book.

Prof. dr. Ard-Pieter de Man, VU University Amsterdam Faculty of Economics and Business Administration

Everybody knows that alliances revolve around people, but few understand how to get people to collaborate effectively. This book fills this gap. It is the first to focus on group dynamics in alliances and provides a powerful framework to support alliance teams to achieve their joint objectives. A thoughtful and practical book, that is must-read for any alliance practitioner.

Dorianne Cotter-Lockard, PhD Former Fortune 100 Company executive and collaboration expert

If you desire to consciously create powerful, productive strategic alliances and partnerships, this book shows you how to prepare, invite, negotiate, create, and launch successful partnership initiatives. Echavarria clearly lays out the steps that need to be taken, along with the mind-set and approaches required for success.

Sarita Chawla, Senior New Ventures West Faculty Master Coach & OD Consultant

Enabling Collaboration is a heroic effort to provide a grand buffet of research and approaches towards learning, development and collaboration. Echavarria has assembled vast resources, provocative insights and questions in service of coherence and integration.”

José Luis Laparte, CEO PriceSmart

Enabling Collaboration is the first book I know of that combines leadership with strategy to engage effectively in collaborative business practice, a must read for CEO’s and their teams interested in building successful strategic alliances and partnerships.

CB Bowman, MBA, CMC, BCC, MCEC CEO Association of Corporate Executive Coaches

Enabling Collaboration presents us with the missing link why businesses alliances and partnership fail …the lack of understanding and focus on “group leadership” instead of customary “individual leadership” focus. This is a must-read for leaders in all focus areas, it provides several insightful guidelines to help organizations re-think what will catapult them into future success while guaranteeing their current achievements.

James Flaherty, Founder New Ventures West and Integral Coaching Author, “Coaching: Evoking Excellence In Others”

Martin Echavarria amasses huge quantities of analytical tools, cogent examples and practical know-how in his impressive book that integrates all the required process steps and human capacities necessary for successful collaboration in today’s complex, quickly changing, globe-spanning business environment. He draws on wide-ranging sources, many likely unfamiliar to the reader, that are quickly seen as essential, insightful and directly applicable to initiating and sustaining excellent partnerships. Clarify your planning, quickly resolve relational breakdowns, avoid wasteful discouraging roadblocks—read this book and put it to use.

Ruben Rodriguez Executive Coach at Integral Impact

Martin Echavarria’s Enabling Collaboration is a rare and important gift to leadership, in that it not only discusses the importance of collaboration within alliances and partnerships, but carefully lays out the critical “how-tos” of this work. It is an invaluable guide to increasing effectiveness in an ever more globally connected world of business and relationships. Mr. Echavarria offers wisdom from his real-world experience as a leader, coach and master “connector” of people and organizations.

Juanita Brown Ph.D. President, Whole Systems Associates and Co-Founder, The World Café

Inside these pages you will find a pragmatic road map for enabling groups to heighten their “collaborative intelligence” by cultivating the living relational field in which effective and lasting partnerships and alliances can be grown. This book enables us to move beyond traditional individual leadership frameworks toward a deeper understanding of how collaborative leadership can create powerful results. Bravo for a job well done!

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